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05-20-2010, 09:38 AM

My brother ordered a Clarion Nx-409 from Crutchfield, and did not have the money to pay to have it installed. I did installs for Circuit City for 4 years, and then did more custom style installs at a local shop here in Baltimore for another 2. So I have plenty of experience, and offered to install it for him.

He has a Cadillac (they have too many models to remember but it needed a 99-2005B dash kit from Metra that we had to order from the old shop i worked at and a GMOS) with an amplified system and prior On Star. Install was pretty forward and Easy to do and within 20 minutes i had everything soldered and hooked up, and we powered up the unit with everything installed (Sattelite addon).

The unit would come on and within 3 seconds go right to the "camera" and say "No video". The return button in the upper left DOES NOT WORK. It does nothing when you touch it. I hit the reset button, same thing. IF you hit reset then mash the Source button repeatedly, you SOMETIMES can get into other things (the menu). But if you click on sirius, or the radio, within 3 seconds it goes right back to the camera and your basically stuck until you reset it or turn it off with the key.

I checked my connections, i even went as far as to disconnect the RCA hookups, dimmer wire, you name it, i disconnected it. Same thing EVERY time. I also noticed that the screen, if you watch it for a second, wether the car is on (engine) or not, it flickers ever so slightly.

My brother, not knowing anything about car audio/electronics, is basically getting on my **** nerves claiming I installed it wrong. But hes just upset he probably got a bogus Headunit and will have to send it back.

Has anyone encountered this? Just want to make sure its not something I AM missing that is an easy fix.

(Note: I told him to buy it new, and he didn't listen and the crutchfield salesman talked him into buying it "as is, Because the box is damaged". Was no damage on the box at all, and all the other stuff was in the original sealed packaging. The head unit tho... was open. This leads me to believe that someone had a messed up unit, ordered this one, swapped thiers into the bag, and shipped it back.)

Any ideas or theories would be much obliged.

05-20-2010, 09:47 AM
I forgot one other piece of information. The Sorce button on the left, is flush with the unit, but it works like a normal button. You push it you can feel it go in and back out. The nav/av button feels to me like a broken button. It makes the noise like its working (beeps), but it is sort of in the "in" position, and it doesnt really "move" at all when you touch it. Kind of like a button would be without a spring pushing it back out.