View Full Version : Finally got everything installed, definitely need tuning help though

05-19-2010, 07:12 PM
Took awhile but I got my dd comps in and connected to my eclipse xa4000, using a 9887 hu. I decided not to use the crossovers that came with the speakers and I'm going to try to run it active. So far the mid bass is really lacking I think. I'm expecting more so I'm guessing that I didn't set up the frequencies right as well as the gain . This is my first time really trying to tune something and I could use all the help in the world. First step, how should I be setting the frequencies and levels on my amp. Its rated 125x4 while the comps are rated at 80rms.

I have 2 switches- Filter: Hi/Low and Mono:On/Off

5 Dials- Low Pass: 50-500Hz, Hi Pass: 30-500Hz, Freq: 32-64Hz, Level: 0-8db, and Input Level: 8-0.2V

05-19-2010, 07:38 PM
I'd be interested to see if someone has a more scientific method for tuning a 4 channel, because that could certainly make life easier. Freq's and gains on sub amps are a little more simplified.

Use your ears is about the only thing I can say. Typically I'll set the High Pass cutoff on my 4 channel just below the cutoff on my monoblock's low pass and then start adjusting it from there. I usually end up about 50 Hz or so above the low pass cutoff on my sub amp. This is just personal preference for me though. I tune my system to my own taste, and everyone has a different preference. Find what works for you. As far as tuning Active setups goes, hopefully someone else will give you some insight there. I've never had the pleasure of going active ;)

EDIT: Oh and for the basics, Filter should be set to Hi and Mono should be set to Off.

05-20-2010, 02:47 AM
You should do all your tuning at the 9887. Set your tweeters on your hu at around 5khz to start just so you won't blow them. At the amp, set your mids to HP and around 63hz-80hz. For the tweets at the amp, set them to HP and go as high as possible. I believe there's a gain setting tutorial on here somewhere. After you set your amp settings fine tune everything (x-overs, slopes, T/A) at the HU. Set your mids and highs to stereo!

05-20-2010, 10:23 AM
Just keep playing with it until you like. I finally ended up with the subs at 90 down and the midbase at 80 to 500 and the midrange at 450 to 4000 and the tweeters at 4000.