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05-18-2010, 09:30 PM
Hey everyone. I recently bought one of these little light things. I've seen them on cars, and my brothers Viper Alarm has one also.

Amazon.com: Install Essentials 620V Viper Electro Luminescent… (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000XUWXZM/ref=oss_product)
(bought on amazon through 3rd party seller for $11)

On the back of the package it says this.
Wiring Info: Connect Red Wire to fused +12V Constant Power, & Black wire to the (-) armed output. (Orange Wire of the security system).

I'm assuming you connect the Red Power wire to a constant and that makes sense. and then the black wire to the Negative (-) armed output orange wire of the security system. I'm wondering if all security systems armed output is orange. My other question is I want to install this into a GMC Sierra with a STOCK keyless entry alarm. It's not aftermarket. It's where if the keyless is set to LOCK and someone sticks hands down window, or breaks window and reaches in then it goes off. So it sort of has that "armed" status. Will that work for this part? The truck doesn't have a full out alarm system. But if this lite would work when setting the keyless remote and blink. This would help with the punks that just jack stereo's n such.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks!

05-18-2010, 09:43 PM
what year is the gmc?
also in you sig, you said a code alarm soon...please dont do that stay with dei.

here is the issue, the orange wire is a latched(always on when the alarm is) ground that will complete the circuit for the light.

what you could use is the light wire for the headlights. on a gmc/silverado the headlight wire is a negative trigger(12v with lights off) wire. you can use this wire with a relay to reverse the polarity to latch the circuit while the truck is off. that should work.

wire the relay like this

85 and 87 to ground
86 to the head light wire
30 to the black wire on the viper light

05-18-2010, 10:02 PM
Yes sadly I already have Code Alarm. Bought it along with some stereo stuff when my truck got broke into by some Loosers. So I had to use the cash I got to get as much as I could. The Code Alarm works decent but I know it's not the best. My sig says "extra sirens coming soon"

and the GMC is a 2002 I think.

What I want to do is add this Electro-Luminescent Indicator to my truck that already has the Code Alarm, as the current light isn't as bright as I'd like. And then use the second one I have and add that to my girls GMC Sierra so it looks as if she has an alarm. I called a Install Shop, they said $20 to add it to my system, and $40 to add to the Sierra because they'd use a Relay from the Ignition. So when car is off, the Light is on. That would work the SAME as your idea with the headlight cuz when car is off the headlights are off.

So a relay is just running a properly spliced and Soldered wire from the Headlight wire to the other wire on my EL Badge and it just completes the circuit right? I could do this myself.

Also all that 86 and 87 talk lost me. lol