View Full Version : Ext Cab Truck - Bigger box or more power making this louder?? Or.............

05-17-2010, 09:54 PM
Here is my sub stage to start:
98 Dodge Ram Ext Cab (no rear seat)
Alpine CDA-9886
3x Alpine Typr Arghhhh 12's D4's
Alpine M2000 (birth sheet - 2274w/rms @2ohm)
Wired to 2.67ohm, each getting around 700w
6cft net box @34hz
subs forward/port up
93in port area
etc etc..

On sunday at our DB comp i hit 141.3dbs on the TL and wasnt pleased with the results. I know type r's arent the worlds craziest SPL monsters (its just some of the louder subs our shop carries) but i was hoping for the 145 range.

So today i went back to work today on the box moving it around angeling etc etc and during this process i had to remove the subs to un-anchor the box.

Anyways i though WTH i might as well see how one of these runs by itself in the box (keep in mind its 6cft) and wired it up to 8ohms on the M2000, screwed and mdf plate over the other two cutouts, and HOLY **** that thing pounded the same, if not louder than having all three poundin. I dont have a TL so i cant compare numbers to numbers, but by ear and feel, it was definately within a couple db's +/-

My obvious question is:
Is it the fact that the R is getting a little more juice from the M2000? But its still wired down to 8ohm and should be only getting around 750-800w?
Since low freq. waves take a bit longer to form, would the 6cft box in my ram help those waves develop before exiting? This idea makes sense in my head since the small cabin area inside the truck?

Or could it be something else, im probably completely wrong but i neeeeed to know! This would be awesome if i could run just one 12" and hit in the 140's in a lower class

I am completely stumped, any input, ideas, theorys, funky pups, or antything else is appreciated


PS - If anyone wants pics to help paint a picture i can get some, just ask