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05-17-2010, 12:40 AM
I know i need to get a new hu as my current one is not up to par for what i am currently running.... (2 re se 12's each on a re 2000de amp, and a set of id ctx 6.5s on a us amps md42 in a 2000 mustang). The current HU is a cheap azz xplode that i cant wait to get rid of but anyways.....im pretty much set on the pioneer MVH-P8200BT however i am getting mixed "researching finds" even from the pioneer website on if it can play .wav files or not. I am leaning toward this head unit b/c i want to get it from Best Buy (i will be installing it myself) since i need to put something on my credit card from them after i finished paying off my home audio, i like the customizable 8 band eq, and ive always been a fan of pioneer and its very reasonably priced for the features it has.

05-29-2010, 06:09 PM
This HU sounds great, and the bluetooth feature is phenomenal! Contacts loaded quickly from my iPhone 3G, and there's an alpha search function for making calls from the contacts list. It also looks great, but the positives stop there.

The menus can be a bit difficult to navigate for people who aren't used to Pioneer's multi-controller, and the remote doesn't help much with that. Also, there is NO rear USB connection. In order to connect any USB medium (iPods/iPhones, MP3 players, or USB drives) you will need to connect an unsightly cable to the front of the stereo. C'mon Piodoggoneer! Also, the unit will only support up to a 2GB SD card, so I can't even load my entire music collection on a SD card and leave it! And there's no support for bluetooth audio, so you canNOT stream anything from your bluetooth enabled phone or MP3 player.

You'll be better off with the Alpine iDA-x305 (No bluetooth), iDA-x305s (Pandora Streaming/No bluetooth) or my personal favorite Kenwood's KIV-700 or KIV-BT900 (Bluetooth).

05-29-2010, 09:29 PM
I had an old Pioneer, and was considering the one you are looking at vs (my now) Alpine CDA-117.
So heres the scoop, I was leaning for sound quality, and the 24-bit Burr Brown processor in the Alpine is what sold me on it.
The features on the Pioneer are awesome, the colors, the 8-band eq (I thought before) seemed awesome. I never listen(ed) to CDs so that wasn't a big deal. But Pioneers sound quality is just mediocre so I was willing to give Alpine a shot.
The Alpines sound quality is top notch. For your setup, it should be fine.
You can choose between a 7-band graphic EQ, like the Pioneers, or a 5 band parametric EQ. The parametric EQ sounds sooooo much better, you can tweak your system phenomenally. The display is pretty nice, though the pioneers is better, the screen doesnt matter much to me.
As far as overall look, sure the Pioneer has a lot of colors, but the Alpine is just pure ***.
For an extra $30, I'd go with the Alpine, the sound quality is just that much better. It also has a better time-alignment. You can dial in your speakers to the centimeter, not that cheap crap Pioneer has in theirs.

05-29-2010, 10:24 PM
pioneer = sony at the moment.