View Full Version : MTX TS5512-44 square

sulin's baby
05-15-2010, 09:43 PM
I recently bought a set of the mtx ts5512-44 square subs. I have had the l5 and l7 kicker 12's and honestly I think MTX did a better job espeicaly on the low end. They also seem to handle heat a little better. I have mine in a 4 cube box tuned to 32 hertz. I have them on a 1500 watt rms mono block with a batt in the trunk and they sound awesome! Let me tell you these subs are friggin loud! As far as frequency range goes...the top end rating seems a lil high...but the low end is awesome! I believe these subs are sensitive to alot lower than their rated for...id say prob in the 25-24 hertz range is the cutoff. The SQ is about what any square sub provides...as far as SQ goes theire about the same as the l7's. Might I add this sub looks amazing! The black metal flake paint looks amazing!

SPL 7.5/10

SQ 5.5/10

Any other questions or concerns just pm me guys! :fro: