View Full Version : Crescendo audio ccx65 review

05-15-2010, 01:44 PM

Ok i installed one set of these in my front doors which are fully deadend and sealed.. tweets are in the apillars 90degrees off axis power comes from a powerbass 600.2 [email protected] .. so on to the review

When i first opened the box it comes with everything u need for the install.. wire screws and the different tweeter mounting pods.. build quality is ok. the terminal for the mid has this huge push terminal like on a sub wich i think is overkill and tends to be on a weak peace of metal .. first time i pushed it i almost broke it.. also it seems to take up to 14awg max.. wich was a issure since i have 12awg ran to my doors.... tweeter.. well hell its ur run of the mill silk dome tweeter really nothing terible or great here... xovers are nice and simple and are kind on the eye

Listing impressions are these are $100 components so dont expect them to sound like 500 dollar components. the mids sound pretty good at low volume they are safe to xover at 63hz.. at high volume i found that 125hz is safe i tried 80hz and got some mechanical noise from the mid .. midbass really is not that great on these mids this could be because lack of motor strength. I also have these things cranked and they seem to want more power on the loudness side but seems the moving parts cant really take it. All in all they mids sound good and would please the average install for a budget upgrade ..

I personaly do not like a bright or raspy tweeter.. well these tweeters are bright as hell.. on axis they are almost not barable for me off axis they are "ok".. i have them set at -3db and cut alot on my eq and they are still way too bright for me ... i think some work on the xover can fix this .. from what i can tell the tweet takes over around 2500-3k if u like a pronounced tweeter you will love these

So my conclusion is i think they are worth $100. If your lookin for a budget component set to throw in ur doors or want to upgrade ur factory speakers these are perfect. Just dont expect award winning SQ comps with them.