View Full Version : T-Line/Quarter Wave or Ported for 4 JBL P1022's design, ready to pay

05-12-2010, 06:51 PM
Need a box designed.

Never used a T-line or quarterwave, and never much considered ported.

However, since there is no reason to fear change, I want to try something new.

Right now I'm using a small sealed enclosure in the trunk.

I want to switch it up, and build a box right in the back seat.

Its going into a 1990 Taurus, If I need to, I can remove the doors to faciliate the building of the box and re-install them after.

The door opening is about 31" at its widest spot and close to 38" at its tallest.

Inside dimensions,38" Tall, 31" Deep 58" wide.

If need be, I could always build four individual boxes and install them that way, as I am not sure how well i'd be able to build one large box in the car. Ideas? Looking for specs, and cut sheets.

Looking for tuning to be around the 30hz range, whichever my driver is rated at, I think 29hz

Email me, [email protected], or txt me at one five one nine nine one seven one six eight three, I dont really have the net other than my BB.


05-18-2010, 05:22 PM

I'm willing to pay for the design...