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05-12-2010, 05:57 PM
I have a 2007 sebring and would like to upgrade my sound system. I had speakers picked out but recently did more shopping around and I have heard JL Audio is great. Now all these speakers I can get in the 90-110 price range except for one speaker from JL Audio which is $135. I plan to feed any speaker I buy 100 RMS with an amp eventually so I would like to know which speakers you think would be best or whether it would be worth it to splurge the extra 50 dollars for the JL audio ones. All of the JL audio are rated really low on RMS but from what I've read they can take a lot more than what they are rated. Which speakers will get loudest and have best quality is what I'd like to know. A ranking on Sound Quality from highest to lowest would probably help as well a long with a little descrip as to what you know are the differences between these speakers (Especially all those JL Audio ones).

JBL P963 - JBL (http://www.jbl.com/EN-US/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?PID=P963&accT=1&tsT=0&ovT=1)
JL Audio VR690-CXi - JL Audio VR690-CXi Evolution Car Audio Speakers (http://mobile.jlaudio.com/products_components.php?comp_id=129)
JL Audio TR690-TXI - JL Audio TR690-TXi Evolution Car Audio Speakers (http://mobile.jlaudio.com/products_components.php?comp_id=128)
JL Audio C2-690tx - JL Audio C2-690tx Evolution Car Audio Speakers (http://mobile.jlaudio.com/products_components.php?comp_id=519)
Infinity REF9623I - Infinity - Car Audio (http://www.infinitysystems.com/car/products/product_detail.aspx?prod=REF9623I)
Polk Audio db691 - db691 Car Audio Speaker from Polk Audio (http://www.polkaudio.com/caraudio/products/speakers/6x9/db691)

05-13-2010, 02:28 PM
Please any help? I'd really like to buy these speakers but have no clue why people prefer JL Audio so much since they seem to handle lower RMS ranges but they are supposed to be top of the line so I would like to see how people think they compare to other speakers. I know in the PC world some 200 dollar processors can perform almost as well as a 500 dollar processor from another brand so I'd rather now spend too much extra just to get a small or maybe no bonus in performance.

Sir Swish
05-13-2010, 03:04 PM
I got some 6x9s I could sell ya for 65 shipped.

05-13-2010, 03:08 PM
go with some almanis, there only like $60 and take 100rms like a champ

05-13-2010, 07:01 PM
@Both replies
I'd need to know more about the speakers although I mean I'd really like to know more about the speakers I asked about. I know JL Audio is a good brand but it seems to take a low RMS so I'm unsure about whether to go with that or the JBL or the Polk instead. Maybe even the Infinity too but I'd like to hear what people have to say given the choice between all those speakers what they would choose and why.

05-14-2010, 03:39 PM
Anyone to comment on these actual speakers?

Sir Swish
05-14-2010, 06:48 PM
Anyone to comment on these actual speakers?

I've had bad luck with JBL speakers. Infinity are okay but sound way too harsh.