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05-08-2010, 06:32 PM
My friends stereo got jacked out of his Ski Natique. We are going to replace the head unit with the same marine Kenwood one he had in there before, even though I want him to go to Pioneer. He wants the same because the marine Kenwood HU was slightly bigger and had already been drilled out.

So behind the seats towards to front of the boat, I am going to try to fit a ported box for an RE SE 12 and throw maybe a PG Tantrum or equivalent. If I cant fit a ported box, then I will be forced to go sealed.

Ok, so I was thinking of putting 2 sets of Focal Access Full Range speakers in there. 165CA's. I am a bit worried with my buddies getting drunk and turning up the volume and making the speakers distort. My previous experience with the Focal Access line is that they can blow pretty easy. I love the speakers, they sound great and have wonderful midbass to them, but were easy to blow if I had too much wattage going to them.

Im not looking at getting marine speakers, Im looking for some real audiophile speakers. Want them loud, be able to handle around 80-120 watts rms and have a good open sound since its in a boat. What do you guys think? We listen to:
70% old school rap
20% New age rap
10% Rock

So the full range 6.5" I was thinking was the following.
Resonant Engineering Full Range speakers
Focal Access
Alpine Type R's
Hertz HCX 165

Whatcha think? Looking to buy ASAP.

05-08-2010, 10:19 PM
Forgot to mention the price range anywhere from $125-$200 max for a pair of full range speakers.