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05-05-2010, 09:34 PM
Ok, well im getting a new car soon, and want it to be legit, id like a great balance of sq and spl but slanted more towards sq....i seem pretty set on focal krx3 3 way componets for the front and krs 100 components for the rear, i plan to use my polk audio amps i have now a 500.4 and a 1200.1(sub) i plan to add another smaller 200.4 polk amp for the rears as they cant hand 100 watts rms, the 200.4 will run the rears perfect. and i have a boston spg555 sub waiting. though that is just the plan, i was hopeing to get some more feed back on the 3 way focals, if its worth the 1800 bucks, or if going more simple with polk sr's or MM series. thanks

05-05-2010, 09:36 PM
or, if there is a better choice for 3-way component sets, below 1800 bucks would deff be nice too

05-06-2010, 12:10 AM
1800 for front speakers? That's retarded. No offense i just forgot how overpriced car audio branded gear is for a second, jeezus. If you have that kind of cash get a audio processer and run an active setup. No matter how good companies claim their speakers are they arent' optimized for your car. If you go active you can control what frequencies your speakers play to make it sound good in your car and according to your tastes. Also, buying just speakers themselves is ALOT cheaper.

Anyway I'd spend some money on a hu that can do a 3 way active setup, Pioneer and Alpine upper end can both do it. Then you have lots of choices on drivers, what size speaker holes you looking to fill? That's just my opinion on what to do with 2k for front speakers.... I bought upper end Professional audio mids for 300 bucks, compression drivers straight from a distributor for also 300ish, and got a processer and hu for another 600. The processor has 32bands of eq for each speaker, time alignment, phase control. That's alot of ability to tune it to get it to sound good in your car. Ultimately the car itself is what makes speakers sound bad, its all the reflections and the fact your arent' sitting in the center like your supposed to. No matter how nice the speakers themselves are you can't overcome those basic limitations without processing. It woudl be like spending 20k on a rolex and then going wanting it to tell time for when you go scubadiving. Great, watch, yes, stupidly expensive, yes, will it work underwater, no... Lots of watches under 20k that will work much better in that environment, plus you won't pay alot for the rolex name. Wow, strange analogy, but I'm trying haha.

anyway try browsing around www.diymobileaudio.com or, if you do want to go with components I'd go with Hybrid Audio. Scott is a good guy and his products are as good as anyones.

05-06-2010, 08:41 AM
thanks! i was planin on the rockford fosgate 3sixty.2 as my processor in any case. what is active?

05-06-2010, 08:50 AM
o, and i need to fill 6.5" in the front and 4 inch in the rear