View Full Version : (2) RF Power HX2 15' subs - NEED PORTED BOX - HELP

01-07-2004, 08:35 PM
First question...

I need a ported box for my 2 Power HX2 15"s. Question is Should I go with one big ported box for both, or a seperate ported box for each one?


The specs I am going with per sub are....

Box Size = 4.5 cubes
Tuning Frequency = 45hz
F3 = 45hz
Port area in sq inch = 75"
Port length in inches = 15"

I got those dimensions straight from the Power HX2 15" Enclosure Sizes sheet from the RF website, are those dimensions any good for pure SPL? Would you reccommend a 3.5 cube box instead with the 3.5 specs?

Also, what is F3?

Thanks in advance...