View Full Version : Small NON sub enclosure box sources, or guides.

04-28-2010, 06:29 PM
I have a station wagon, and I've got it pretty much set as far as what I'm doing with sub and front sound. But I have a few rear cargo area speakers I was thinking about pulling from the stock holes and mounting them in custom (or purchased) boxes so that when I'm driving they can fill sound forward, and when I'm at the park they can compliment my rear facing sub facing out the open back hatch.

My only issue is that I don't know where to look for specs on what size to make the box, or if purchasing a prefab, what size it should be. I figured I could just google search specs for a box for these speakers, but I just keep getting sales threads. I need a box buildng guide, or a prefab enclosure seller that can do smaller enclosures, and knows which to recommend for my speakers.

This solves two problems, the stock hole is kinda noisy because the body panel is held on loosely (yea I know I could FIX that), and also I could as I said have the advantage of mounting the speaker on a swivel, or detatchable mount and facing it where I need it for driving, or for providing music at the beach etc..

Any links (or names) for building tutorials, prefab sources, or any ideas along these lines much appreciated.

This project changes every day and is becomming more and more unique.

The hard part is doing the prep and waiting for time and money to finish it while I go virtually without music.

Oh yea, my speakers are Alpine Coaxials, 6 1/2" SPS-600