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04-25-2010, 01:00 PM
Im going to change out the front & rear speakers in my 2002 accord 2 door

Subs: (2) DD512 4^ft @ around 30-33Hz off of a powerbass 600.4 LPF @ 60-80Hz @ 4 ohm Mono-400W x 2
Should i run DDCX6x9s in the rear LPF @ 50Hz & HPF @ 100Hz or remove the rear fill all together and let the fronts handle the mids and highs?

I am not sure what to run in the front...DDC6.5 or DDMB6.5 and run the factory tweeters? HPF @ 50Hz

i will be running F&R off a 50x4 amp

any help on this would be appreciated

04-25-2010, 02:03 PM
i would keep the rears, i would deff set the freq a little higher then 50 htz. and the fronts deff replace the factory tweets. they ****. if you dont want to buy a comp set id get a good pair of coaxial. watch for depth in the honda doors. not much room to play with. my suggestion is make sure you use a high pass rca off the deck for each channel and set the freq on the 4ch properly with freq and gain. set each size or pair seperalty them turn the subs back on last and let the bass fill the portion missing.