View Full Version : Replacing factory speakers 05 Impala LS

04-22-2010, 04:34 PM
So I know a little about audio when it comes to home theater, but not much about car audio. I have an 05 Impala LS with factory speakers and head unit, not a premium sound setup. I do know that it comes with an amp (Panasonic 10449235 - which I can't find specs for anywhere) and has 2 - 6x9s rear and I think 2 - 6.5s in front. What I'm hoping to do is upgrade my sound by replacing those 4 speakers and possibly the amp. I don't plan to purchase a subwoofer but would like to have a decent low frequency response. I was thinking of 3-way speakers. Anyone have some suggestions on speakers to look at?

Also, what could I expect for a realistic frequency response on the low end on car speakers?

Thanks in advance.