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04-22-2010, 03:04 PM
I'm currently looking into completely revamping my car audio system.

Current System
HU: Pioneer AVH-P41000D
Front Stage: Polk Audio DB Components
Rear Fill: Polk Audio DB Coax
Sub(s): 2 TC Sounds 1000 8" @ 300W Ea
Amp(s): Elemental Designs NINe.5

My main goals are SQ with decent to good SPL specially in the mids and highs. These are my current idea's.

Option 1:
HU: Pioneer AVH-P4100D (don't really feel the need to change it as I'm quite pleased with it)
Front Stage: Hertz HSK165 Components
Rear Fill: None at first then maybe 2 JL Audio 6W3v3's or Tang Band woofers from Parts Express
Sub(s): 1 Sundown Audio SA-8, SA-10, Audio Pulse 10" or just stick with the TC Sounds and just run 1 in a new enclosure
Amp(s): JL Audio 300/2 or JL Audio HD900 or stick with the NINe.5
JL Audio 500/1

Option 2:
HU: Pioneer AVH-P4100D
Front Stage: RE XXX's 6.5's
Rear Fill: Same as option 1
Sub(s): Same as option 1
Amp(s): Same as option1

Price Ranges:
Front Stage: <$350
Rear Fill: $0>$200
Sub(s): <$350

Please offer up any suggestions.

04-22-2010, 03:23 PM
just got my hertz hsk 165s put in yesterday and i love them so far only have 3 hours of playing time on them so still another couple of weeks until they're warmed up