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04-18-2010, 02:45 AM
Hell CA.com.

I did some lurking and decided to register. Looks like tons of useful information here!

I'm a car audio noob that just installed my first HU + Amp a couple months back. I wanted some bass in my 2002 WRX Wagon. I did not want to give up my hatch space though as I'm an avid snowbaorder and I got kids and such. I ended up installing a Kenwood KDC-X993 HU and added a 10" Kicker L3 with a truck box and Kicker 250W RMS mono amp. It's worked out quite well for my taste as it's enough bass to massage the back a little but you can barely hear it outside the car. Still using the stock door speakers powered by the HU though. Anyways I bought all the gear from Crutchfield and I'm sure I overpayed but their documentation and support was a huge blessing for me since it was my first go at installation. It all went pretty smooth.

Anyways I'm now looking to do some components up front and possibly something in the rear doors. I'll make a new post about some suggestions there once I figure out the correct sub-forum it should go in.

As far as personal stuff I'm in Albuquerque. I'm an IT guy on my day job. I do car detaling and paint reconditioning as a hobby (buffing/polishing/etc). Other hobbies include sport bikes, dirt bikes, computer games, and the above mentioned snowboarding.

See you guys around!