View Full Version : question about some MB Quart 6.5

04-13-2010, 10:54 PM
I picked up some used MB Quart Qm 160 6.5" mids the tweeters are mounted on the outer ring of the basket and there are separate inputs for the mid-driver and tweeter, I'm guessing there missing the crossovers because I see nothing but wire running straight to the tweeter would removing the crossover from my current 6.5"s and adding it in-line to the tweeter act the same as a crossover? I have no clue on this on and can't find sh*t on the web about it, anyone out there know anything about these and a way to wire them up any advice is more then welcomed , I've only dealt with co-ax type speakers with a built in type crossover is it as easy as I think to make your own for the tweeter I plan on using the amp crossover for the mid itself.

04-19-2010, 03:20 PM
Those are very good speakers. Would have been mid 90's. The German made quarts before they gave up sq for profit in 03. Yes they came with 2 crossovers and you do need to run them that way. They also came with a separate tweeter. So the component had one mounted plus a separate tweet. Both would have been ran through the tweeter output and of coarse the 6.5 would run to the woofer output. Yours is the top of the line model, they also made just a woofer and separate tweet. So treat it just like your last set wire the tweet through the high pass.