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03-30-2010, 10:27 PM
Don't know if you call this a build log or not because it's already finished. I've built plenty of boxes, but never really took pics or cared about showing my work. I took pictures this time. I kind of rushed through it cause I had a deadline to meet. It's not my best work, but it'll do. I built this for my homeboy. He wanted a custom look but not too fancy. So this is what I made him. It sounded real good to be underpowered, but he has a BXi2607d on the way. It in a Expedition and now he wants to know what he can do to stop some of the rattling. Let me know what you think? Let me know if the pics are too big so I can make them smaller the next time.

It is dual chamber ported tuned to 32hz, 2.2 cu ft per chamber.


Just a little test fit before construction to see what's off because it's going to be off a little when Home Depot does the cuts.


JL logo made with Hardwood and cut with handheld rotary tool.

Covered using Black Ostrich vinyl and 3M 90 spray glue.

Test fitting the 1.5 inch baffle before I put the Black vinyl on. I also put 3/4 inch sticky foam weather stripping around each sub for an air tight seal.

Port painted and trying to get the port the right size



I don't really have any pics of the covering process, so I guess I'll go ahead and show it finished.

I cut the oval like hole with a jigsaw and sanded it a little. There's also a bunch of staples holding the vinyl in place.

03-30-2010, 10:29 PM
Wow, very nice work there.

03-30-2010, 10:29 PM
Installed in the back of the Expo!




03-30-2010, 10:31 PM
wow, very nice work there.


DS Autosports
03-30-2010, 11:27 PM
That looks awesome...good work

03-30-2010, 11:30 PM
very nice indeed. the vinyl is a nice touch

03-30-2010, 11:36 PM
looks nice, reminds me of something i would see on the
"old" unique whips tv show remy would build

03-30-2010, 11:41 PM
Looks great. *Thumbs up*

03-30-2010, 11:50 PM
Looks great!

03-30-2010, 11:53 PM
does that baffle in front of the ports effect any thing?

03-30-2010, 11:59 PM
does that baffle in front of the ports effect any thing?

Kinda what I was wandering too.

Looks really good though.

03-31-2010, 02:35 AM
does that baffle in front of the ports effect any thing?

I don't think so? Its pretty far away from the port. I've heard a bunch of ported W7 setups in every type of car, and trust me when I say "this box sounds good." I don't hear it missing any notes. It sounds like SQL and moves a lot of air. I'm kind of picky about a box not sounding right, and will be quick to build another. I played all kind of test tones and different music just to make sure before he drove off. I've built 3 different boxes for the same subs before because something didn't sound right to me. They sound better than my Audioques musically and that box has no baffle, but my AQ have more balls IMO. I prefer the balls over JL, but JL is still loud enough to cause daily ear ringing. I might get me some more W7's one of these days if I find a good deal.

It might have some extremely little effect, but I can't hear it. I guess it is more for looks. It doesn't act like a coupling chamber on the JL H.O. box. Believe me, I was on the fence about making it this way, but my friend wanted something a little more than the regular ported box look so I used my imagination. He's not as picky as us when it comes to sound.

I'm glad you guys approve this build so far!:D