View Full Version : Deck won't tune or accept CD into it

03-28-2010, 02:21 AM
deck: Alpine CDA-9813
car: 97 caviler

This deck was recently installed in my 05 monte, while in that car I would play a cd make it through a few songs then it would stop playing the cd and I would be unable to eject it until powering off the car and then turning the car back on. I've since replaced the deck in my 05 MC.
Problem now, I tried hooking this same deck in my girlfriend's 97 caviler, I plugged it up the tuner worked and it played a cd, skipped all the way through, ejected and put in another cd and it worked fine. I ejected the cd turned off the car unplugged the deck and put the dash kit together, then I tried plugging it back in before screwing everything back together, and the tuner wouldn't work and I couldn't even put a cd in the deck. All the wires are secure, and antenna is plugged in. What could caused this to happen?