View Full Version : Help Caculationg Slot Ported Box

01-02-2004, 11:01 PM
i am having trouble designing my slot port enclosure for an adire brahma mkII 12" sub. i was recommend by adire to use a 2ft^3 enclosure tunned to 28Hz to achieve good sq. i know to achieve the best sq a sealed box is preferred. however, i want to give a ported box a try. anyways, i am using winisd to help design and test the box. so far, this is what i have attained.

vb: 2.16ft^3 (with brahma displacemt)
fb: 28Hz
outer box dimensions: 17.25"x26.5"x11" (using 0.75" MDF)
inner box dimensions: 15.75"x25"x9.5"

as for the the slot port, i plan on using a 15.75"x2"x43" port which has a volume of 1355in^3 or 0.78ft^3. i'm not sure if it's the greatest port to use, but i'm semi-satisfied with the gain of 1.46dB at 32Hz. anyways, i really need help incorporating the slot port into the final box design. any help is really appreciated. thanks!