View Full Version : Help!! HELP!! CD Player's or Radio's wont turn on anymore after yesterday

03-24-2010, 06:04 AM
I recently fitted a Vibe CBR 12" active into my Y Reg Golf 1.6, wired it all up correctly and neatly, making sure to keep Signal wires (RCA) opposite side to Power wires.
Now... it was all running fine so far didnt have the gain too high, no distortion or anything.

A few days later driving down the road I spotted that my HU (Sony CDX GT220) was coming out of its cage a tiny bit so I pushed it in.
This is when the HU just turned off without any display, beep or anything.

I thought, Oops I must of held the OFF button down, which was not the case as I tried everything to get it back on with no luck.
I got it home and took the HU out and swapped it for another one I had spare (Sony CDX GT550) the same problem was occuring, no display and no reaction to any Power On actions, though it does eject CD's in and out which means it still has power.

I put the other HU (Sony CDX GT220) back in and it did the same thing ejected CD's but not turn on, I now knew it wasn't a fault with the stereo itself.
I checked over all the wiring for Chaffing etc.. on the ISO Adaptor and further back to the cars standard wiring loom and there were no problems here.

Removed the HU and ISO Adaptor, tested it with a car battery charger to the Yellow (Continuous Power) & Red (Switched Power) and it powered up, display came up and everything.

Have checked all the corresponding fuses for Radio, CD Player, Ignition and the one for the Sub and there are still no problems there nothing blown as far as I can see.

This is a real b****rd as I only just fitted my Sub 2 days before this, now I cant even listen to it!
Does anyone have any idea what this could be???

My old man seems to think that the Yellow wire (Continuous Power) on the ISO Adaptor isnt recieving any power from up off the Standard cars loom, where the colour there is (Red&White) so this Red&White wire alot further up and right into the dashboard, could have broke or chaffed somewhere??

Would be sound if anyone can help with this!