View Full Version : Yet another prefab=fail issue

03-23-2010, 07:11 PM
Here is another reason why prefabs ****...they typically are not properly reinforced

Evidence..Today I was listening to Young Jeezy at a rather high volume. All the sudden I hear a loud *** rattling noise. So I inspect my setup. First the sub..Nothing here, everything was in working order. So next I check the box...The whole back panel blew out. The wood seperated along the whole bottom joint on the rear panel. This, despite the bracing reinforcements in this exact area. Upon further inspection of the damage, I came to realize that the reinforcement wasnt even screwed in. It was either just glued or caulk in place. Off further dissapointment, the bottom panel and rear panel where the joint comes together had like 3 screws running the length of this box. Now mind you, this is a ported box for a 15 so its rather wide...So 3 screws for the whole rear length, and none in the brace?....This is why you should steer from prefabs and build your own...you can insure that it will be structurally sound!

I bought box plans from SuperGumby a few weeks back, looks like I'll be building it sooner rather than later.... Plans are 2.5cu ft @30 hz on a Treo SSi15.22..