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03-22-2010, 05:20 PM
three sa8's being powered by a mb quart dsc1500.1d

well first with the amp......it looks great but the biggest let down was the fact that it barley takes the 4gauge power wire...you really have to cut it down which i think is crap because the book says it takes 2gauge without a problem. overall (played on it for about a hour) this amp seems to be pretty efficent id say. even sitting still (in park) playing full tilt i wont drop below 11.7 under the hood where my first voltmeter is located. which id say is good in my little honda accord with my small alt. i can say for sure it is 100% doing rated power and may be a tad underrated :) paid 184.99 shipped from sonicelectronics.com

now on to the sa8's.....box is roughly 2.5 cubes before any displacment...could have went a tad bigger but i wanted everything in a certain place so this is all i could do at the moment. i am using a
4" aero port (like $15 off partsexpress) for tuning. i started off with a tuning of about 31-32 and they loved the lows! i was actually shocked at how low they would really play i mean these are 8's lol. then i brought it up to about 35 and man do they sound good and get loud! i think they would play a little better in my size box with a tuning of about 38 but its about to rain here so maybe ill get to it tomorrow...all in all great subs for the money and actually the nicest 8's ive ever heard. never heard a dd 1508 but id put these sa's against a pair any day...

never written a review before and like i said only about a hour of listening done...if you have any questions or know some normal review questions ask me so i can answer them to make this a little better....

car is a 2002 h9nda accord 4 door v6

trunk is not sealed off. just a box in the trunk firing towards the rear of the car.

my system consist of:

redtop under the hood

0 gauge welding wire

kicker ss comps in the doors

almani 6x9's (actually the best bang for the buck out there and REALLY REALLY shoecked me on how loud they got and how they sound)

mb quart dsc4125

mb quart dsc1500

three sundown sa8's final load of 1.16--1.21

also two kinetik hc600's in the trunk


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06-25-2010, 11:21 AM
too bad I can't get them Almanis anymore...

the S7 series they had would trash most 1000 $ components easily..

american made stuff just dont last anymore tho... they cant compete with china...

06-26-2010, 02:30 PM
Any pics of the install? I'm seriously thinking of getting a couple of sa's. I'd like to see the box setup.

06-28-2010, 10:28 PM
Any pics of the install? I'm seriously thinking of getting a couple of sa's. I'd like to see the box setup.

you were pmed

06-28-2010, 10:31 PM
wish i had more room to put another one in....selling it tho for an SSI