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03-22-2010, 08:26 AM
I'm a cyber currency trader.

I buy/sell/trade Pokerstars, Fulltilt funds, Paypal funds, Moneybookers
funds, Magic Online Tickets, Ultimate Bet, Smart Money and GCAsh for a
minimal fee. Fees start at P20 and vary with the amount of the
transaction, and the current supply/demand for currencies involved.
I've got hundreds of references online. If you need help to get started
in Poker, Paypal or Magic, feel free to send me a message! Note: You can start playing online poker in minutes for less than P100!

You may contact me at my YM ID.
For international users who need to trade for poker, please leave your AIM or Yahoo Messenger and Poker account names.

Why do you need the services of a cyber currency trader like me?

1. You want to play online poker but you have no credit card and no other way to deposit money.

2. You want to play online poker but you donít want to risk your credit card getting hacked!

3. You want to control the amount of money that you gamble online.

4. You need to withdraw your poker winnings, paypal funds or moneybookers
funds instantly. Take note: If you withdraw any of these currencies
yourself, it would take you from 3 business days to a month. Sometimes,
the process of withdrawing also gathers suspicions from the sitesí
fraud department(even if you have done nothing wrong), which could lead
to your accountís temporary suspension. I, on the other hand, can send
you the money within the day.

5. You want to buy cheap Magic Online cards, boosters and tickets or you
want to sell your Magic Online cards, boosters and tickets.

6. You want to convert your poker funds to another kind of poker funds.
E.g. Pokerstars to Fulltilt; Ultimate Bet to Pokerstars, etc.

7. You want to buy stuff from online stores and auction sites like ebay,
amazon.com, etc. but you have no credit card or paypal funds.

8. You live abroad and you want a cheap way to send money here in the
Philippines using your paypal or moneybookers funds, and even Poker

A Little Background on Who I am
I'm Roobee, a Magic the Gathering player. (Mtg is a trading card game like
Yugi Oh) More than two years ago, I switched to Magic Online for
convenience. It turned out though that I would find more interesting
stuff online aside from Magic. Now, I'm an online cyber currency
trader. In the couple of years that Iím in this business, Iíve met
different kinds of people, Iíve done hundreds of trades and Iíve been
scammed several times. Thus, I can give you a lot of
references to back me up, I can attest to the abundance of scammers
online and I can prove my legitimacy. Also expect me to verify your
identity specially when dealing thru Paypal. Feel free to message or
text me for inquiries.

Trading Pokerstars Funds, Fulltilt Funds, Ultimate Bet, Paypal Funds, Smart Money & GCash - Caloocan - Toys - Games - Hobbies - ultimate bet to pokerstars trading funds (http://caloocan.olx.com.ph/trading-pokerstars-funds-fulltilt-funds-ultimate-bet-paypal-funds-smart-money-gcash-iid-18619943)

You may contact me at YM ID [email protected]

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can you tell us how you were scammed?

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**** i thought this was legit.........

03-22-2010, 01:14 PM
Using this, can I get pokerstar funds for cheap?
They run periodic 25% bonus promotions on adding more money to your account; So I would expect to pay less than .75 per pokerstars dollar.

03-23-2010, 02:32 AM
its fake nigeria if it wasnt id want some poker star really moolah. search my pokerstars thread in thunder dome there is a kid that will sell you some real chips.