View Full Version : Please help with my port. :)

03-18-2010, 07:42 AM

wood thickness-0.6
square port height-11.8
square port width-6
square port length (1)-17.4
square port length (2)-0
total port length-27
square port diameter-9.49
square port area-70.8
square port volume internal-1911.6
square port volume displaced-1921.68
box volume-4.306
tuned frequency-36

the plan was for 4 cubes after displacement at 35 hz. with sub up port back in a subaru liberty/legacy wagon.

now what im not sure about is the port length, the calc. says total length is 27 inches and in not sure what i should be getting but i though the port length would only be around 17 inches due to the port side 1 being that.

could someone please shed some light on my port because im confused about this right now..

thanks all