View Full Version : CDT-61a, will in fit in my 97 Civic? & some other questions, thanks

01-01-2004, 04:34 PM
I just signed up and found this forum by luck. I'm pretty much a newbie.

My Specs:

1997 Honda Civic LX 4 door
HU = Alpine CDA 9807 w/ 23 rms per channel.
Stock speakers
no amp or subwoofer

I'm going to slowly upgrade and am looking for front speakers. I was going to go with Eclipse SE8363, which cost $119 at car toys until I came accross this forum. It appears I can get CDT speakers, which are very much liked here, for $149 shipped from thezeb. According to my research on this forum, component speakers, which these are, can handle more power than coaxial and may have a better bass response. I'm not too picky, so I don't care if they're component or coaxial, unless I'm missing something here.

I am considering the CDT 61-a and would like to know if they would fit in my front Civic doors. Also would you recommend getting the same speakers as rears or something different like eclipse 8362s on ebay for $60? I guess I would require an amp. I hear the US Acoustics 2100 for $99 isn't bad. Could I use this amp to power all four speakers or just the CDTs; I think my alpine stereo says it has 23 rms power per channel, or will they still sound good w/o an amp???

Questions in a nutshell:

1. Will CDT's fit in my 97 Civic Doors

2. Would you recommend getting CDTs for my rears or stick w/ an eclipse speaker from ebay for $60.

3. Should I buy a 4 channel amp, or do I even need an amp for my rears. I'm guessing I should buy the US Acoutics 2100 amp, and run my rears through the HU which is 23 rms/channel and leave the amp just for the CDTs? Then again, CDT's rms power is rated at 90 watts (http://www.cdtaudio.com/classic2000MidDriv.htm) Should I buy a 4 channel amp for an extra $20?

I would like to get the JL w3 10 or 12 subwoofer along with the JL amp perhaps a 300 watt. Would one subwoofer do the trick, or would I require two for an overall good sound? If I do get 2, is a 300 watt amp enough to power both of them?

I thank everyone in advance for their replies and comments. Thank you!

01-07-2004, 06:39 PM
Can't guarantee they'd fit, there is quite a bit of room once you cut out the pointless plastic peice that sits behind the stock speakers. You will really need to measure it, but getting to the speakers is extremely easy, just pop off the grill. For the rear i wouldn't go with components, waste of money. You really don't need anything, so maybe try with just components and disconnect your stock speakers. Thats all i have in my civic and i'm happy. Taking the rear speakers out will take a while your first time, need to remove bolsters, then rear deck, and is quite a bit harder than it sounds. For the sub if you are on a budget don't go with JL. One sub will be fine for you since it doesn't appear you are a craving 155db levels. Look into the Elemental Design K, Adire Audio Shiva, Diamond CM3, put one in a ported box tuned to about 28hz, and you should be very happy.

01-07-2004, 08:07 PM
check on crutchfield.com to see what fits ur car for speakers. (hint don't buy anything from them, very expensive)

rear speakers aren't necessary unless u have passengers alot, but some cdts with 100 watts will be pretty loud and sound amazingly awesum. u would need place to mount the tweeter though. u can make a spot in the door or in the dash. look on sound domain and stuff to see what people do.

u could buy a 4 channel amp now and see if u like it with just the comps. if u don't just like the comps u could buy ur coaxials for the back. but then ur comps won't be getting as much power.

if u have any ?'s don't hesitate to pm me.