View Full Version : Alpine spx-17pros vs. pioneer 170prs/172prs?

03-14-2010, 10:34 PM
So..... I thought i had lucked out.

I'm piecing together a new system, and i thought i was lucky enough to bypass any lengthy speaker-buying decisions, because i had found a pair of 720prs speakers for ~$240 shipped. Well, that was about 10 days ago, and i've yet to receive so much as a purchase confirmation from the vendor. Looks like he may have been a deadbeat.

I paid paypal, so there's no problem there, but the next cheapest set is closer to $300 (they're phasing them out, so they're becoming scarce) which places them in the same direct price range with the spx-17pros and boston pro60-se's (also becoming scarce, tho.)

It was a cut-and-dried decision when there was a $60 price gap, but now i'm having serious doubts about whether or not the pioneers are worth an additional $50-$60, especially in light of the fact that i have an amplifier capable of 150w RMS x 2 to power them (a pioneer premiere class d with "ice" technology.)

So, now that they're all in the same ball-park, should i pay the additional $50 for the pioneers, even though they wont be able to fully utilize the power i have on tap? Or will the power i have available yield me an acceptable amount of midbass with the alpines? I've heard a lot of people complaining about the lack of midbass with the alpines, but i can't help but wonder if having 150w per channel would help.

My third alternative would be to wait until the new pioneer 172prs speakers are released (hopefully soon,) but i've yet to see so much as a spec sheet for those. I've got no speakers whatsoever right now, and i'd hate to go without anything for a few more months, just to find out the 172's are identical (or.... worse) than the 720's that i could have purchased now.

What do you guys think? With prices now even, are the pioneer 720prs still the superior mid-range set? Or should i do without music for a while and see what the 172's have to offer? Keep in mind, there's a good chance that by the time the 172's spec sheets are released, the 720's will no longer be available anywhere, or stand a good chance of being as expensive, or more expensive than the still in production alpines.

03-24-2010, 04:47 AM
yeah i got my 720's for around $240shipped also. It did jump in price...Alot! Kept the mids and sold the xover and tweeters new. I hate to disappoint you, but i'm loving the midbass. I used a few sets before,cdt, id oem, alpine,etc..nothing as good and i switch around alot, but one thing i say the switch out from the 720prs might not happen...great drivers. if you can afford the 172's wait for them. I would get those. But if you're worry about opportunity cost. maybe by the 720 new and wait for the 172 come out and resell the 720. For me I dont like the idea of a $50 markup, so would never buy it just because...i am highly anticipating the wait of the 3-way 172 set....