View Full Version : Help with deck choice

03-14-2010, 03:12 AM
OK, to be 100% honest all I ever looked for in a deck before was how many preamp outputs it had and how good it looked in my car. What kind of stuff is there to look for in a deck? I don't really need anything over the top, I would like to be able to hook my iPod up to it but other than that, don't really need anything special.

My old deck was a Clarion DXZ575USB and I miss it, I thought I needed a screen so I picked up a UV9 but I have never actually used the DVD player so... I am thinking about going with something similar again, I can get the DXZ575USB or the DXZ775USB either for about $150 or the DXZ585USB for like $120.

any Input on this? I am running an old school SoundStream RUB600.4 on two pairs of TRC.6n's.