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03-12-2010, 03:31 PM
I know these threads get out of hand but I figured one more was not going to kill anyone. Right now I am running what I have in my sig. I like the RE comp, they are more mellow, smooth, and natural sounding, IMO. The Cliff's are more sharp, hard, and direct. With this being said, my wife would kill me if I invested in Dynaudio, Scan-Speak Revelator, etc. I would like to stay with passive because I do not think I have researched enough to understand setting up an active setup. What I would like to try is some Peerless 6.5, CDT, Focal, or ADS crossovers with Alpine, Memphis, Seas, ADS, Boston, etc tweeters. Intially I am doing the Peerless 835004, CDT Satnet 400 Xover, and Alpine SPS-1005 tweeters. I already have the neccessary deadner for the doors so I will be installing that when i remove the panels again. I guess I am just curiuos who has tried this, what their outcome was, whether they were happy with it, or if it would better off to just save until I can afford the ID, Zappco, or other top name components.

Another question, is it overkill to have two sets of components? I thought about possibly adding a coax to the rear doors instead of the components. With the larger vehicle, I cannot see not having this rearfill ven though I know, usually, when you run active, you only run the front set through a 4 channel. Thanks to whom ever takes the time to respond.

03-12-2010, 06:04 PM
if you're going to mix and match crossovers and drivers, you will get unique results. you need to verify that the crossover points in the passives even make sense for the driver's you're using. note that passive crossovers designed for those specific driver's. custom crossovers combine mathematical estimations with testing. depending on the driver location, the desired crossover points will vary.

your decisions for tweeter, woofer, and crossover will need to take all of this into consideration. start by cataloging the crossover designs and component values you currently have/want. compare the crossover points and slopes with the on-axis and off-axis responses for the tweeters and woofers you have/want.

03-15-2010, 05:57 PM
I appreciate the response, I hadn't thought about there being an issue with the speakers and where they crossover, I should've but had not. I just won some Arc Audio 6.5 Foose components on Egay for $50 that I am going to try out as well. Just need to look for a larger amp for the doors. Should I change my rear fill from the components to coaxs? Thx,