View Full Version : Fiberglassing half of car.

12-31-2003, 04:41 PM
Basically im working out ideas right now of running 2 15" Hc's 2 sitting in their proper position, and one inverted. All kind of caressing my big planet audio amp. I figure the subs are only gonna see about 600 watts rms a sub, roughly but thats enough to rock.

Anyways, my question. Is grill cloth the best material to use for shaping? A friend of mine used it and his turned out very well. Are their any other materials that people use to do forming and free air molding?

And how thick do you lay your fiberglass? Is 1/4" enough? The 15's will be in their own seperate ported airspace. So i dont think much stress will be on the fiberglass.

As well, i suppose most people lay their glass and box then pull it out and have it painted.. It is still possible to have the box painted inside the car correct? I mean its bare now anyways.

Oh, and is it best to build in peices? I kinda wanted to make one huge fiberglass masterpeice, rather than seperate peices that kinda fit together?


12-31-2003, 04:54 PM
How much free molding are you going to do?

Also, to save yourself a lot of time, you can use MDF for the flat areas. After all, fiberglass is strongest in curved areas. ;)