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03-07-2010, 11:37 PM
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Any questions can be asked on MWCA as the person running it is on there. Link to thread on MWCA is:
2nd Annual Cruise'in for a Cause Benefit Show - Midwest Car Audio & Performance (http://mwcaraudio.net/forum/showthread.php?p=20983#post20983)

Its that time of year again guys, we are hosting our 2nd show for a family that is in need of help. I could use everyone's help by spreading the word for this show. We have some cool prizes to raffle off and what not, If you have a facebook page, just search 2nd annual Cruise'in for a Cause and click on the attending if you can make it, or just go on and invite your friends. All help is greatly appreciated. Also if any shop on here wants to donate prizes for us to raffle or give away as door prizes, or donate money towards trophies, that is also appreciated. Hope to see most of you guys there!

2nd Annual
Cruise'in for a Cause
"Car-Truck-Motorcycle Benefit Show"
Jaxon Bartolini Benefit
Location: Grant Park High School
421 Esson Farm Rd
Grant Park, IL. 60940
Date: May 15th, 2010
Registration: 9-1 Show: 9-4 (awards at 4) Registration Fee:$15

Our 2nd annual car-truck-motorcycle benefit show is being hosted for the Bartolini family. Brandi (mom), firefighter/paramedic for Manteno, has been dealing with reproductive issuses since 13 years old. Later on she found out that she had a congenital deformity to her uterus and cervix which separates the uterus and cervix into two. March 21, 2009 Brandi and Jon (father) found out they were going to have a child. First ultra sound, they learned she was pregnant on the right side of the uterus and 6 weeks along. As 10 weeks hit Brandi started to have complications. At 24 weeks, Brandi started having pains in her lower pelvic area on the right side. At first they were passed off as pains from the uterus stretching. The pains worsened and moved into her right flank area. The Dr decided to run some tests and sent her to Riverside on Aug 5th. At that time they realized that her cervix has shortened and they put her on bed rest right away. On August 7th, her Dr was in the room giving her discharge instructions when her water suddenly broke. At this point the baby's head was already in her cervix. They rushed her to labor and delivery and after a few tries with pushing and no success, she was given an emergency c-section.
Jaxon Bartolini was born premature at 1lb, 11oz. He was flown to Comer Children's Hospital at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Jaxon was put on a ventilator until he was 15 weeks old. He then weighed 5lbs, 3oz. He still requires supplemental oxygen. He was diagnosed with Rickets (a deficiency disease that affects the young during the period of skeletal growth, is characterized especially by soft and deformed bones). He is on several vitamins for the Rickets along with anti-seizure and anti-reflux medicines. He has also had eye and heart surgery. Jaxon was able to come home to his family on Dec 24, 2009.
All Proceeds go to the Bartolini family. Please bring your car, truck, motorcycle, or any vehicle that you like to show and join us at our event. We hope to see you there.
Any questions/comments or any other info needed can be directed to Brandon Salin @ (815)295-1870, or you can shoot me an e-mail [email protected] Any sponsors or donators are also welcome to call. We look forward to seeing you on May 15th, 2010. Go to youtube.com to check out last years benefit show (Raul Cervantes Benefit) and our Oktoberfest show (Grant Park Oktoberfest 2009)


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i should make it down not too far from me sounds like a good time

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Great :)