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03-06-2010, 12:02 AM
Hello, my name is Paul
I have been installing stereo system's since I was 14 when I got my first car. I am currenty getting ready to build up a system in my 92 chevy k1500 extra cab. I have already installed a yellow top Optima and big three setup. Next on my list is 0 gauge power wire for my subwoofer amplifier, and a 4 gauge for my mid range amp's. My mid range setup will consist of two 4x6 plate speaker's in the dash two set's of componet speaker's in each door running my tweeter's on my pillar's two set's in the rear of the cab also. I will be running two 4 channel amp's my my mid range speaker's. I will most likely go with kicker amplifier's but i am still debating on this. I currently have a kicker kx1200.1 amp a jvc 450.4 and rockford fosgate 450.4 a set of kicker 6.5 componet's with crossover's, a set of 6.5 inch jbl componet's with crossover's and a set of power accoustic power acoustic 4x6 plate speaker's with built in crossover. I have 4 08S12L7 kicker l7 solobaric 12's i picked up very cheap in brand new condition. I am planning on building a custom sealed box formed to my cab. Running two sub's per chamber at approx. 2 sq. feet of airspace per chamber. I plan to bolt it down and carpet the box to match my interior. I will be posting picture's of my complete build up as soon as i start the process. Anyone wanna give me any advice or pointer's I would appreciate it. I know alot but then again i dont know it all lol. My goal is to hit 150 db's+ with good sound quality. I am currently running 4 Audiobahn 12's in a sealed box off a kicker kx1200.1 in my 94 jeep grand cherokee limited. I am running blaupunkt and kicker mid's with eclipse mid's in my dash a jvc 450.4 to run all my mids and high's. I am hitting about 144 db with this setup but is not enough to keep me happy lol.
Thank's for looking. Also anyone else running four of these? what size amp or amp's you using or recomend? (I am pretty loyal to kicker amp's)

03-07-2010, 03:24 AM
take pics of your set up, it will be hard to get to 150 with subs sealed. The L7's are dual 2ohms?

03-07-2010, 10:19 PM
sq and solos arent normally in the same sentence. They get loud though. You can do alot better than those IMHO.