View Full Version : s13 240sx catback exhaust: Espelier JGT500

TDH Rogers
02-25-2010, 04:52 PM
1. Product:
Espelier JGT500 3" stainless catback exhaust

2. Specs:
fits first gen s13 Nissan 240sx with the ka24e motor... exhaust came off of a 1989... uses stock hangers... im not sure what all you need to make it bolt up.. i "think" you need an aftermarket header and downpipe... but im not sure...

3. Description/Condition:
its in fair to decent condition... depending on how picky you are... some of the pipe is discolored from getting hot... but thats normal with stainless... and bottom of the can has some nice scrapes from speed bumps and such as the car had a lowering kit on it... and one side of the can is covered with tiny nics from being hit by rocks, because the can is cocked slightly to the side when installed... the fantastic thing is that you cant see the scrapes or nics when its on the car... the other side of the can is nice and shiny... the outlet i believe is 110mm in diameter... its a huge exhaust... very flashy and very mean sounding!... also you will have to buy your own gaskets and bolts for the flanges... i just tossed some little junk bolts on it to give you an idea...

4. Price: :
i believe when they first came out they retailed for like $1,400 as they were imported from japan... giving that its used, discontinued and a lil banged up i am asking $200 shipped or best offer... i need this gone.... it takes up too much space and ill never have any use for it... so i can be flexible on the price... but id like you to take into consideration that its going to cost around $70 to ship... i would be more than happy to sell or trade this locally... i live in Marshall,IL zip is 62441... ill let it go for dirt cheap if local...

im mostly interested in cash but i may consider trades
the only trades im really looking for are as listed:
1 Dual 4ohm SA-12 in mint condition
KnuKonceptz 3 way konfused distro with fuses and 8awg speaker wire pants boots
stinger spv70 or good size XS Power battery
Nice headunit... might be a long shot but flipout?

5. Pictures:


It will be shipped in 2 pieces like so...

Yep... thats a 44oz soda...

the shiny side

the nicked side...

02-25-2010, 05:35 PM
Can I have the car it blongs to also? I love me Some S13s

02-25-2010, 05:39 PM
Can I have the car it blongs to also? I love me Some S13s

x2 s13 coupe ftw

02-25-2010, 05:40 PM
Post pics of car, they're **** cars!

TDH Rogers
02-25-2010, 07:41 PM
man i would but she is at the scrap yard now... motor was blown all to hell and the unibody was rusting out hard core in the front.... but the body pannels themselves were mint.... it was a beautiful car but just wasnt worth anything anymore... i wish i coulda got the tranny with b&m short throw,header and downpipe off of it before they took her away =(

i know its going to be **** near impossible to sell this exhaust... but i figured id atleast try... but im serious though... ill let it go for a 100 dollar bill if someone comes and gets it...

02-25-2010, 07:57 PM
nice snuggie.......

TDH Rogers
02-25-2010, 08:02 PM
haha yeah i didnt figure it would take long untill someone noticed the snuggie..lol... and no guys the K-1 heater is not for sale either =)