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02-23-2010, 04:58 AM
In order to maintain your car in a tiptop condition you must perform some simple yet daily maintenance tasks to cut down on your maintenance costs. There are some very simple and common tips to perform daily maintenance on your car in order to keep it efficient and cost-effective.

1 External care- this is one of the most simple of maintenance tasks that you can perform on the car in order to maintain the external beauty of the car. Along with a simple car wash one should also consider periodic cleaning of the upholstery also.

2 Tires- these are one of the most important complements of the card that you should take care of regularly. All of the tires of the car should be checked regularly for pressure as well as wear and tear in order to keep the car safe as well as efficient. Along with these to your checks should be done regarding tire balancing and alignment as well.

3 Engine and other internal care- the engine is the powerhouse of the car and should be maintained extremely well in order to keep it running smoothly without any hassle. Typical Indian maintenance routine usually has few simple steps.

Air filters- the air filters should be regularly checked and cleaned as part requirements.

Oil filters- the engine oil as well as the fuel filter should be checked regularly and replaced as and when necessary.

Spark plugs- the spark plugs should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary wear and tear is seen. This helps to avoid misfires that can cause engine damage.

4 Engine oil and other fluids- the level of engine oil and or other fluids like transmission oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, engine coolant should be regularly checked in order to avoid any mishaps.

Making the above checks in regularly with help you tremendously in avoiding any mishaps on the road and keep your car running smoothly for a longer time.

02-25-2010, 05:31 PM
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