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02-20-2010, 05:42 PM
I got the 3 way kicker 6x9 running off a 4 channel JL Amp 500W (I forget the model It does like 100 Watts each channel, but can do 125 each if you have like 2 ohm speakers or something like that)

When I get to a certain point in volume and then turn it up even one more it will seem like the speakers are getting quieter(Seems the Deeper the voice the lower I have to keep the volume but if it is a high voice I can sometimes put it up a few more, although increasing or decreasing the Bass doesn't seem to effect how high I can turn up the volume before the voice 'quieten'), the amp has 4 Gauge and a battery right next to it so I don't see power being a problem? However I have walmart boxes(This is my guess) and I am thinking either the internal speaker wiring in the boxes are bad or the 'entrance' clip thing to get the power inside the box is bad, thoughts?(What gauge of speaker wire do you recommended for these?)

Other problems I asked the shop where I bought these speaker said it could be something on my HU doing it? It is an alpine(Bought it like a year ago is the higher end model with 6 Buttons to the right of the volume control) I could also think my HU might not getting enough power? I am still using the 'stock' power slot on it that is wired into the Ignition.

Also what Gauge of wire should I send from my mono(1000W Alpine) to subs (2x L5 15 Kickers)?

02-21-2010, 12:04 AM
Odds are that those 6x9's need more power.

02-21-2010, 07:27 PM
I check my amp spec its 80RMS Watts it puts out not 100RMS Watts. However my 6x9 take up to 90RMS Watts, but this happens when they aren't even turned that high. I have maybe the gain at 3/4 On the amp and my HU(Alpine) at 18/35 Volume(It starts doing it after 19/35) before it starts to do this. Lower the Treble might let me put the volume higher by 1 or 2.

My old amp I am not sure but Loudness wise,I think I can recall I could turn it up a lot louder(But being a shitter amp it would distort a bit) but it wouldn't seem like how it quietens like it does now.