View Full Version : HELP !!!! with 02 tundra box build under rear seat . . . .

02-19-2010, 11:44 AM
hey guys i have an 02 tundra and i am gettin rid of my current set up of 4 12's and am wanting to go with 4 8''s either kicker solo classics or sundown E8's, idk whch yet but my idea is this ,go with the for 8's under rear seat my guess deminsion are as follows
length 54''
depth 18''
heigh 4.5-5.5''

i would like it ported possibly to 32-37hz, any ideas the floor has grooves so it would definitely have a fiberglassed bottom , or would it b easier to have sumone in my area (brentwood, ny ) build me one ? if so anybody know of an AVG price and a shop to do so , im always used to doin my own audio installs even with boxes but i have never done any fiberglassing and to b honest dont realy have the space . . . . . help me out

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