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Joe Poole
02-18-2010, 04:23 PM

My Name is Joe Poole and the name of my Co. is ProspectGenius.com

We have had incredible results promoting many folks from the 12v industry. We have in house knowledge of your business, its products and its customers; one of the owners of PG was once an independent 12v installer.

I'll be happy to answer anyones questions about SEO or payperclick online advertising. I'm hoping that I can be a resource to answer questions and a helpful resource for your community here.

Thanks for having me here !

I would be happy to share some results with you , I am not going to mention any names here in open forum but would be happy to give a list of industry references in PM or email.

One of my best performers has been with us a couple years, a local 12v retailer, We tracked over 400 calls for him in december and 240+ calls in January. I'd be happy to show the logs, charts and graphs to support this claim.

Down south one of my clients did 90 calls in december and 90 in january using our service.

One of my guys on the left coast is consistently getting around 100 calls a month.

I would be happy to schedule an online webinar for any of you members it takes all of five minutes to set up and I can prove these outrageous claims

We have really great success promoting the 12v industry. So, we run our success and cut our losses.

If i had a 12v business an someone told me they could possibly bring me 40-100 calls a month for under 200$ a month, I would be skeptical. I invite you to check out all our evidence and talk to our current clients.

Thanks for your interest

We cost less than 200$ a month and there is no contract.

here's a few samples of our work, feel free to contact our clients they are our best advertisers. Click on the links and call them about us.

Precision Mobile Audio (http://www.precisionmobileaudio.com)

Westminster Speed and Sound (http://westminster-car-audio.maryland-biz.com/)

****'s Stereo (http://car-audio-video.boise-biz.com/)

****'s just started with us so they don't have any experience with our service but i wanted to show the template as a option to our traditional layout.

Thanks for reading !

I Like Waffle
02-19-2010, 11:19 PM
What are you advertising? Looks like youre advertising web design, and if you designed those websites you posted, then you should be advertising something else.

Joe Poole
03-18-2010, 10:05 AM

let me see what youve done that sends 50-100 calls a month to 12v retailers...

omg thas funny

Joe Poole
06-17-2010, 04:48 PM
Any store owners out there doing on line promotions that work ?

Are you an installer running a business or a business man installing , there is a difference :-) Let us talk to you about bramding and promotion to your local market. There are many free and easy ways to increase your business right now.

06-17-2010, 04:53 PM

let me see what youve done that sends 50-100 calls a month to 12v retailers...

omg thas funny