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02-13-2010, 08:32 PM
I have rainbow slc 265.25 NG installed and they sound beautiful! But I seem to be having some problems with the tweeters. They keep cutting out. The halo keeps lighting up then I have to turn it down and wait. I'm kind of worried. My original set up was the Phoenix gold RSD65cs and they took 150rms from my Alpine PDX 2.150 daily for 2+ years but these rainbows seem to have a serious problem trying to get even remotely as loud as my RSD's. Is there anything I can do? I'm a little frustrated as I was hoping for them to keep up with my BTL but they definitely are not. What RMS have you given your Rainbows?

02-15-2010, 06:21 PM

02-15-2010, 06:41 PM
I had a friend of mine giving his rainbow 120 and they sounded great!!! but he didn't have a btl either. I don't know if they are made to get loud or not. if the rsd's did the job, get another pair..

02-16-2010, 02:20 AM
my (older model) SLC's took 100 no problem.

02-16-2010, 02:33 AM
If you are getting them loud enough to cause the protection to kick in you are getting into serious hearing damage territory. I had a set of Rainbow SLC 265 Kicks and never had that happen once off of a Sundown 100.2 and they were screaming loud, way louder than was safe at times.

If you have to though, you can always replace the bulb with a direct short, put a piece of wire in place of the bulb and it won't happen anymore, just be forewarned that if you are driving your speakers this hard there is a chance of blowing the tweeters.