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02-09-2010, 11:01 PM
which router bit is best to use for cutting circles? ive been gettin away without using a router for years and finally decided to get one and just seeing whats the best bit to use.

02-09-2010, 11:07 PM
straight bit

02-10-2010, 01:05 PM
Spiral bits are probably best buy straight bits work fine.

02-10-2010, 03:01 PM
spiral upcut bits is what they would be called.

02-10-2010, 03:26 PM
Any kind of specific router to use?

02-10-2010, 03:31 PM
I use a 2 Flute up 1/4" bit. Freud sells em for CNC routers. I like em, its much easier on the router so the way i see it, it is well worth the investment. They are around $20-30. I use a craftsman for my work at home but if i could afford it i woulda gone with a porter cable router. By far my favorite routers i've used.

Also, if your using the jasper jigs make sure the router is compatible.

02-10-2010, 03:49 PM
K thanks everyone. Jus seen some videos on em so I'll be good from here.

02-12-2010, 08:28 AM
I use a spiral up