View Full Version : need help with my eclipse 5030

02-09-2010, 10:33 PM
hello everyone i need help please. i just bought me a eclipse 5030 i love the sound and all but there just one problem. my problem is i cant turn down the subwoofer leve. i read in the book that came with my deck it says something about go to non-f which is non-fader level and turn the nob left to decrease the subwoofer level. well i did what it said but the bass on my sub's don't change at all they still hit hard. not sure if i hook up the wrong rca cables or what any ideal which one's i should use on the back of the deck.

02-11-2010, 01:52 AM
all the rca's should be labeled on the back. I used to have an eclipse cd3200. but If your subs are hitting then you have them plugged into the correct rca's. try turning down the 'bass' on your equalizer. if you have a bass knob obviously turn that down if you want to turn your subs down. I just installed the cd3200 in my friends rsx type s. He has a line driver so all the non fader is doing is drawing more current, the higher it goes cause you really cant hear any difference in sound if you turn it up or down. This might be the same type of problem, only he was popping fuses when he had his non fader turned up. I would just turn the non fader to -6 and adjust your bass to try and cool the subs down