View Full Version : Will these comps be good starters with room to grow?

02-07-2010, 07:46 PM
Just picked up a 96 Civic coupe. Got a decent 22w rms Pioneer HU with the necessary high and low pass filters. Next I want a set of comps. After that I may have to wait a while before amping. That said, I need a set of comps that will sound full, clean, and even low at (at reasonable volume) running on the HU, but will be upgradable to about 50rms in the future. Check these out and let me know what you think. I'm anxious to get some ordered. Factory paper cones + 75 miles commuting every day = gouge your own eyes out insanity. Help me before I go blind!

Power Acoustics PA-KP2K-60C: 75rms, 91db sensitivity, 50Hz-20KHz, 4 ohm, $44 new.

Orion C2.62: 50rms, 90db sensitivity, 60Hz-20KHz, 3 ohm, $50 refurbished & $78 new.

Phoenix Gold RSD 65CS: 60rms, 88db sensitivity, 45Hz-20KHz, 4 ohm, $85 new. (Got excited when I saw them for $39 on Amazon before seeing they were only 6" comps).

MB Quart DSH-216: 50rms, 87db sensitivity, 40Hz-32KHz, 4 ohm, $85 new.

JL TR650-Csi: 10-50rms, 91db sensitivity, 59Hz-22KHz, 4 ohm, $95 new. I hear these are best on HU, but not sure if the low end crossover will cause problems. Also at 59Hz bottom end, I'm not sure how rich they'll sound.

I'm leaning MB Quart or Phoenix Gold but could go with any of the above or someone else's suggestion. Who knows, maybe someday Focal 165A1's could be in my future, but probably not right away.

Thanks for looking.

02-07-2010, 08:14 PM
PG MB is all Id look at.........