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02-07-2010, 07:06 PM
Been in the car audio world for a few years now, just finaly come across this forum so hell why not join!

I own a 1999 mercury cougar

ive done tons of electrical mods to the car, including sequential turn signals, Halo Headlights, Strobe kit, Prestiege 2way Alarm, Dual Sony xplod amps pushin only about 350-400 rms each??? (they are 1000w peak power)
Pushing 2 12" kicker comps, in a custom built ported enclosure.
Also in the process of adding a Clarion 4 channel amp, all i need is a headunit that can handle 6 RCA outs.

ill post pics when im done the clarion setup, and all the wires are tucked away.

I will only be around for about another month. actualy exactly one month from today.
I am leaving for the US Navy march 7th to train to become an AV Sailor.

My job is going to be all of the electronics on the airplanes. anything electronic i will work on. and i cant wait!
Im 18, ill be 19 tomorrow.

I know some about car audio as i built my system from scratch with the help of a good friend, and ive learned alot. but i hope to learn more!

anyway ill shutup now. HI

02-08-2010, 09:57 AM
Welcome to CA.