View Full Version : Imprint issues specific to the 9887

02-05-2010, 01:13 PM
After running Imprint in the drivers seat and saving only one curve to a preset, I can't save anothe curve for both seats after another measurement...it erases my first measurement. Can thsi be remedied? Also I am running the rears off the HU, and during measurements I have the IC turned off to only measure the fronts and the sub. After saving the curve I go back in to turn the IC back on, and after it's on there is still no sound comimg from the rears. Why is this?

02-06-2010, 10:37 AM
I'd actually posted a thread about the Imprint software last year some time but I can't find it.

As a 2 year user of Imprint, you are asking the software to do more than it was designed for.

When you initially setup up the software just prior to taking your measurements, you pick the location in the vehicle from where you want the software to base the listening position. It will then come up with 2 curves for you based on that location. You can save both curves to your HU, but that is it. If you decide on a different listening position, the 2 curves you saved will be overwritten. That is just the way it is designed. It cannot be changed.

I'm not sure I understand your question about the rears. Are you saying that you are running the rears from the internal amp in the HU as you don't have an external amp for the rears? I'm assuming that is why you would have the IC on. Again, if this is the case, the software and the internal parametric EQ settings for Imprint are designed to operate off of external amps typically. I don't think you can mix and match.

My setup is such that I have an Alpine PDX 4.100 running front and rear comps and an Alpine PDX 600.1 running the subs. You also have to set the amp gains to middle or lower to get Imprint to give you an accurate measurement. If you have the gains and filters on, it compensates for that during the testing and will actually cause things to be much quieter when you actually use the system after loading the curves. Keeping the settings lower on the amps ensures that the Imprint software and the internal parametric EQ have a fairly flat curve from which to work from. You can then adjust your gains and filters after the measurements are done and the curves are loaded.

Hope this helps!

02-07-2010, 02:43 PM
I had run the imprint enough times to know the reference sounded best for my set up, and only saved one curve to the 9887 from two seperate positions. I figured since i only saved one curve I would have one left for another measurement. Someone had told me they could do that on their 9886. As for the rears they are not amped, only the fronts and sub are running off the amps, as the rears are designated for passenger use only if someone sits back there. I ran the measurements with the IC off as I only wanted to tune the fronts and subs. After loading the curves i turn the IC back on, and there is no sound from the rears even though i can turn the IC on and off when imprint is running.