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02-03-2010, 03:10 PM
I have a 1991 Range Rover Classic, I am running a set of 6.5 Tempos in the front doors. I have the door inner door skin covered in damplifier, the outer skin has deadener from the factory which is not coming off (pita to remove). I also have two layers of SS overkill over my damplifier.

My problem lies with the fact that the way the speaker mounts on the door.

My speaker is currently installed in the removable door panel. This makes it very hard to seal the speaker and get the midbass response I am looking for.

I am looking for a solution to help fix this problem.
These are from the hardest to easiest fyi

A) Custom make fiberglass speaker pods.. (??Do Tempo 6's sounds good sealed??)

B) Use plexiglass and seal up big gaps on the inner metal door skin to help seal the door more.

C) Use a cheapo speaker baffle from Sonic Electronix and cut a hole to make a sort of Aeropedic enclosure?

D) Any other suggestions you might have please share?


Here is the inner door panel that the speaker is mounted to, the tweeter is behind in the smaller upper speaker grill.


Here is the inner door, I have circled the part where the speaker sits. BEFORE YOU FLAME> This pic is from a while ago and much more damplifier has been added as well as the two layers of overkill. I have the overkill covering the big gaps in the door as well.


Thanks for looking :cool:

02-03-2010, 03:18 PM
If your good at fiberglassing(which I'm not) then go that route. If not you could always cement your doors :D lol

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Use MDF to mount the speakers to the doors, but if you haven't, you're going to have to seal up all of the holes. Pick up another set of speaker grills, and leave the grills in the door panel, but the speaker itself mounted to the door. That would be the cheapest route to go before fiberglass.