View Full Version : Civic, room for standing 15s in the trunk? 3kw setup

02-02-2010, 07:32 PM
Ive got:
2 Soundstream Tarantula T5 15s running at a
1/2 ohm on a crunch ground pounder 3kw.

I currently have a 1 seater and im tired of this 13 cubic foot box and no back seats. My front seat is my storage area all the time. I have box designs for the trunk maximization, but i can measure all day .....

I've seen 15s standing up facing the rear but it looks extremely painstaking due to the lack of box movement and angle. That's my ideal facing w/ port going into cabin but has anyone done a 15" tall box in a civic trunk?

If so, what were the measurements? Any oddities to watch out for?

BTW im selling a 15" so ~5.5 cubes will be allotted all to one of the 15s. Needing room till gas goes back to $.99/gal HAH

02-03-2010, 11:07 AM
Ive got a 15" ported in my civic trunk and just thats enough.2 would be pushing it and not enough airspace for another so id say do one facing forward trunk selaed off

02-05-2010, 06:26 PM
^^ what he said. I've had a 15 in my trunk facing forward and backward with port on same baffle as subs and forward is louder with seats down obviously. In my 2000 civic 15.5" is the height that just barely hits that top bar where the back seat fold on to. If you made it like 15.25" it might slide a little under it but then the bottom is curved on both sides where the wheel wells are so you won't be able to slide it up much further anyways. My boxes have been 35" wide 15.5" tall and I think but I'm not sure about 18"-19" deep is max that will fit in the trunk opening.

My box is built inside my trunk which gives me 4.6 cubes net after port and sub displacement. I've pondered the idea cause 2 15's would be reckless in a civic I can get about 7.2 cubic feet net after sub and port displacement but the problem I ran into is fitting both 15's and enough port area on that front baffle so it wouldn't work

You can do 1 18" facing into the cabin in about 7 cubes if you built it in your trunk and use the space where the spare tire well dips down for the 18 to fit on that front baffle cause obviously 15.5" is'nt enough for an 18" woofer.

just do one 15" if you don't want to get into some tricky box building tho. my box for my 15 was 3.25 @ 37hz but you could prolly get a little bit bigger than that

02-08-2010, 01:59 PM
gsuchyta .... you are a god. THANK you for the box dimensions you used as well. I was thinking 34" wide, 14" tall, and 20" deep. I will shorten it now that you have opening my eyes and add a tad on height for vertical placement. One 15 will wire just fine and will give me enough room to run the port without worrying about the 2nd 15 in the way.

I figured the 2nd would suffocate and it is for sale heh. This should be google #1 entry. I cant thank you guys enough. Time to huff some box glue coated in sawdust heh!