View Full Version : Help installing new head unit in 1999 Ford Explorer

02-01-2010, 05:17 PM
I am currently installing the Sony CDX-GT640UI into my 1999 Ford Explorer. I have a two channel amp that is connect to two 12' subs. I have most of the wire harnesses wires connect. But I have some left that I don't know what to do with. Here they are.

Sony Wire Harness:

Black: Ground wire with claw
Blue: ANT REM. I think it moves the radio antenna up and down but mine always stay up.
Blue/White strip: AMP REMOTE IN(AMP REM)
Light Blue: ATT Says connect to the inference cable of car phone. So I don't need that.

Crutch Field Wire Harness ( Main One)

Orange/Black Strip: Negative Dimmer. No place to connect so I don't think I need.
Black: Chassis Ground
Black/White Strip: Amplifier Ground

Crutch Filed Wire Harness ( Small One, none connected yet)

Black/White Strip: Amplifier Ground
Blue/White Strip: Amplifier Turn-on
White Plug: RCA to RCA from receiver. Have no idea what that is.

What do I connect to what?

02-01-2010, 05:22 PM
where you at in IL. bro..? you have PM with my phone # i have a 98 ranger.. call me...