View Full Version : How to improve treble response for Pioneer DEH-5250SD (5 band Eq system ) ?

01-31-2010, 03:21 PM

I recently got a Pioneer DEH-5250SD HU. Bass reponse is too good and there are hell a lot of controls to tune low frequency sounds based on the users taste. But very unfortunatly :( , the 5 Band EQ system is able to control only till 8K at higher end of frequency. I am not able to get the same quality of sound at higher frequenzies like the way I used to get from my previous HU DEH-4750 which had just a 3 band EQ support with ability to set Q factor. Sounds close to 8k frequency dominates well over sounds over 10K in 5250SD. My personal taste is to boost more of sound over 10K frequency and to reduce frequencies between 3-8K, offcourse with ample amount of mid and low frequencies.Would any of you know whether it is possible to customise EQ curve inorder to shift the higher band of frequency more towards 10-12.5K range ? OR simply is there a way to improve the treble response over 8K frequency ? I believe adding an amp would not solve the issue since the source itself provides weak signals on band of frequency over 8K

I have tried the so called 'Advanced Sound Retrival system' with its two possible levels ...but it makes only a little difference :verymad:

Please note that when I say out put at higher frequency band is poor in the new unit, it is based on my experience in using an older model with same speaker set, same vehicle and same song !!

Many thanks in advance !!

How to improve treble response for Pioneer 5 band Eq system (DEH-5250SD) ?

01-31-2010, 04:03 PM
hate to say but pioneer is not known for its sound tuning features lately
their best attempt was 12.5khz and then they released the fake 20hz-20khz eq in the deh9800 that skips whole 8k of highs it goes from 12.5 to 20khz.
your normal car stereo internal amp frequency responce is from 30hz to 16000hz
the line output on your stereo is actually 20hz to 20000hz
so your amplifier will sound better

kenwood excelon kac-x4r amp has a built in sound processor with crossover, 5 band eq, and time allignment

02-02-2010, 03:44 AM
Hi raverx3m,

Thanks a lot.

In the meanwhile i had downgraded the HU from DEH-5250SD to DEH-4190SD :(

I am missing the wonderful display panel of 5250. The 3 line display for browsing files and multi line display of full text for file and folder names while playing back were too good to see in 5250. Although I have only 3 Equalizers in 4190, I do have option to tune the High, Mid and Low bands to the frequency as per my taste. I can also further control the response around these selected frequencies using the Q Factor adjustments. :D . I did add a 2 channel JBL amp 300W and a bass tube 1200W (12"). Truely statisfied with the performance. I dont know for what special reason Pioneer decided to reduce control on sound for their new models. It was a little disappointing matter for a Pioneer fan like me :p:

I would not recommend DEH-5250SD for any one who is keen on high frequency(8K+) response.

02-02-2010, 12:16 PM
lol i would not recommend pioneer to anyone anymore.
even though i am a pioneer fan( but that is fading away)
i have been using alpine and kenwood and very happy with them
kenwood has the most sound tuning for the price.
my first car stereo was the deh-p8600mp but still was only 12.5khzon top eq
then i went to cda-9833 and that was it for me i would not put any other unit but alpine in my car unless pioneer decides to put more sound options on their units
kenwood doesnt really sound the same, it sounds more digital, but it has tonns of options