View Full Version : MECA class question

01-30-2010, 10:49 PM
Well Im going to my first comp and its a MECA event I guess. The web site seems to be down so I was wondering if someone coule answer a couple questions. I drive a 1999 dodge Ram diesel quad cab. Its called a quadcab but it is extended cab size and the
doors open like extended cab trucks,
1. so I assume that it would be classified as an extended cab for the meet?
The rules say that jumpseats in x-cabs can be removed, I don't have jump seats it has a full length bench like the s-10s did,
2. so can I remove it or does it have to stay installed.
If I can remove my rear seat I can keep the box between the window line so I would be able to compete in a street class which brings me to my last question about batteries. I think it said your allowed to have a battery in the stock location and one in the back.
3. My truck has two batteries under the hood stock so am I still allowed to have one in back for the amp?
I hope someone could help me easy my mind on these topics. Thanks