View Full Version : Please help a newbie out! (Clarion installation/unit problems)

01-24-2010, 03:05 AM
Hey guys,

I'm a total newbie who just bought a Clarion NX409 for my car. Let me go ahead and say I am running this unit through the factory amplifier for my car (Acura w/ Bose system) as I was told was fine on the Acura forum.

My problem:
I soldered the wiring harness today and plugged it in to check and see if everything works. Even though the sound plays out from my radio perfectly, I cannot get any sound to play out of my CD player or IPOD connection (despite the fact that they are "playing" on the screen). The navigation sound works as well, so just the CD and IPOD connections are not working so far. This seems too unusual for it to be a defected product (especially because its brand new), I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong!

Other problems I'm having:
1. The sound makes a loud "pop" when switched up from mute (I'm assuming this is my fault for having the 2 amplifiers)
2. The sound is very loud even on volume "1" (again I'm assuming this is my fauly for having the 2 amplifiers)

Thanks in advance,


01-25-2010, 03:21 PM
The reason you are getting no sound when playing Cd and IPOD is because you have your power antenna wire hooked to the remote wire for the factory amp. Pull your head unit out and switch the blue wire you have connected to the harness now for the blue wire out of the back of your head unit which is not currently connected. That should solve your first issue. As far as the "POP" goes I know my Acura had a bad factory ground wire from the harness which caused pops and engine noise. so I grounded my head unit to the chasis myself. Now if you think your speakers are too loud you couls always bypass the factory amp and just run your interior speakers off of the head units power. If you have not gone here already check out Acura | TL Integra MDX | News, Reviews, Owners, For Sale - Acurazine.com (http://www.acurazine.com). I hope this helped.